Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lemon Pudding Souffle

I tried a souffle! I know, scary right?! It wasn't too bad at all! It raised all pretty and didn't even sink in the middle. I did have to go buy me a cute little souffle dish, but that was half of the fun. So, the top of this pudding souffle was very light and spongy textured. At first bite I thought I almost could have eaten half of it all by myself, but then I got down the pudding part, and yum! It was sweet and sour and rich and lemony and just so good! It was to die for still warm from the oven, but I have to admit that I ate some for breakfast the next morning and it was almost as good all chilled from the fridge. I got the recipe from Family Fun magazine. In case you aren't familiar, it's this great little magazine that comes with craft ideas, recipes, and all sorts of fun things for families with kids. We love it in my household! So when I saw the recipe in there, I thought, how hard could it be?!

Click HERE for the recipe!

I topped it off with some powdered sugar because there's no such thing as too much sugar in my house!

This definitely is a good starter souffle though. It helped me get over my fear and now I can't wait to try mini souffles, because I always say that everything tastes better when it's cute and little, and I am ready to make my own versions too like dark chocolate souffle with fresh strawberries, and caramel souffle with baked apples! My mouth is already watering! Yum!


Clumbsy Cookie said...

How lovely! Must be so fragant and lemony!

hot garlic said...

Oh yum. It's no secret that I love lemon stuff. So glad it was such a success and has inspired you for many more souffle creations to come!

Amber said...

I love lemon and souffle so you chose a great combo and it looks wonderful.
I just did a lemon mousse. I'm out of here to Napa for 5 days. I'll stop by when I get back. Thanks for your comment.

Maria said...

I adore lemon desserts. I want a spoon to eat this one now!