Sunday, November 9, 2008

Saturday Soup Day

What a better way to spend my Saturday than to be in the kitchen! My husband was absent all day due to it being football season, so as winter is quickly approaching I was busy getting prepared. I made 3 different kinds of soup, bagged them in quart size ziplock bags, and now they are patiently awaiting consumption in my freezer.

I highly recommend doing this, but here are some quick tips.
-make sure the soup is completely cooled to room temperature before bagging. This will prevent condensation and frost from forming.
-label and date the bags
-lay them flat to freeze. The last thing you want is mishapen frozen soup that becomes awkward to fit in your freezer.

Minestrone Soup

1 lb ground beef
1 C chopped onions
1 C sliced carrots
1 C cubed potatoes
1/2 C sliced celery
1 can tomatoes
1 1/2 quarts water
1 bay leaf
1/2 tsp thyme
1/4 tsp basil
1 T salt
1/8 tsp pepper
1 beef bouillon cube
1 C macaroni or bowtie pasta

Brown ground beef in sauce pan and drain oil. Add onion and cook until the onion becomes transparent. Add all other ingredients. Simmer for 45 minutes. Add pasta of choice and cook for 15 minutes more.

makes 2 1/2 quarts

I highly recommend serving with my mom's Buttermilk Cornbread. That recipe will come soon!

Creamy Potato Soup

4-5 celery stalks, diced
1 C butter
3-4 carrots, diced
1 1/2 C flour
2 qt water
2 T chicken bouillon (or 5 cubes)
1 medium onion, diced
3-4 potatoes, cubed
2 C shredded sharp cheddar cheese

Put celery, potatoes, carrots, and onions in saucepan and add enough water to barely cover them. Boil about 20 minutes, or until vegetables are tender. In another pan, boil the 2 qts of water and add bouillon. Melt butter in a small bowl and add flour to thicken. Add butter/flour mixture to bouillon water and whisk until creamy. Add cheese and mix well. Add cooked vegetables with the water and simmer 10-15 minutes.

makes 3 quarts

Vegetable Cheese Chowder

1 10 oz package frozen broccoli or cauliflower
1/2 C shredded carrot
1/2 C water
2 C milk
1/3 C flour
1/8 tsp pepper
1 14 oz can chicken broth
1 C shredded American cheese
1 C shredded sharp cheddar cheese
2 T parsley

Combine vegetables and water in saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to simmer, cover and simmer for about 4 minutes or until veggies are crisp-tender.

Whisk together milk, flour, and pepper in separate bowl. Add to saucepan and stir in broth. Cook until thick, stirring frequently. Add cheeses and parsley. Cook and stir over low heat until cheese is melted and heated through.

makes 2 quarts

***a little note about defrosting the soup when you are ready to eat it...microwave for 2 minutes with the bag slightly open so the steam can escape, or let it sit on your counter for an hour or so just until it's defrosted enough that you can get it into a saucepan and heat the rest of the way on the stove.


The Food Librarian said...

Brilliant! All look so tasty and what a great break for you later this season!!!

Rachel said...

Delurking here.....
I have always frozen extra casseroles but never thought of soup! Thanks for the recipes they look and sound so yummy!

Aggie said...

Love this idea...I have to get on it so my life will be easier! Great recipes!

Snooky doodle said...

although I m not much of a soup eater . this is a great idea :)

Ingrid said...

I'm not big on soup and veggies (ha!)but my children enjoy them alot! This is a terrific idea especially for after practices on cold winter nights(like tomorrow)! You didn't give defrost instructions. What's the fastest and easiest way?

Sophie said...

Great idea! Sometimes when it gets really cold, I'm not in the mood to cook, so a homemade soup already prepared would make for a perfect dinner on days like that :).

Hallie Fae said...

I love soup. I might have to try and make some of these. They look great!

Karen said...

We're loving the soup weather we've been getting lately and have it 2-3 times a week. I like to freeze things too... makes it so handy!

Joie de vivre said...

What a great idea!

Laina said...

You are honestly a genious. Wow. How do you serve them? LIke pull them out of the freeezer a day ahead or what? Im diggin the second two recipes for SURE!!!!

~Dana said...

I love recipe's that can be frozen and saved for alter... thank you! I'm a friend of your cousin Elisa. This blog is awesome!