Thursday, August 21, 2008

O Henry Bars

This is one of my favorite treats because they are so easy and I love anything with peanut butter and chocolate, but it always makes SO much! It was perfect to share at a camp-out last weekend with our church in the beautiful mountains of Utah. I definitely don't recommend camping with your 4 year old, 1 year old, and 3 month old though. What a night! I was up all night making sure the baby wasn't too cold, the 1 year old was in my sleeping bag with me so he stayed warm, and my 4 year old cried from 2:30am-3:30am because she was thirsty. I finally gave in and got my shoes and flashlight to get her a water bottle from our car, trying not to wake everyone else up. About 3 minutes after she had a drink, you guessed it...she had to go to the bathroom! The campsite was really nice and had flushing toilets, but they were quite a little hike down a hill on a little path surrounded by trees and bushes and of course I had to walk through other people's campsites as well. I had never even been down to the bathrooms, but those were pretty much the instructions my husband gave me. I grabbed Brooklyn by the hand and we started our trek. We didn't get too far when I heard a BIG animal in the bushes not too far from us. Now, I'm not a good camper to begin with. I hate dirt and bugs and am terrified of bears, so this was a struggle for me to be there anyway. I didn't even want to see whatever it was I heard, so I grabbed Brooklyn and ran back to our tent. That's when I woke up my husband and told him he needed to take her to the bathroom in the bushes right outside our tent, and he did. So, after a cold and sleepless night, we decided to wait until the kids were a little older before trying that again. But, we sure did have some good treats! (p.s. I found out the next morning that a few weeks ago they had to move from that same spot because of bear problems! I'm glad I didn't come face to face with one in the middle of the night!)

After that long story, here's the recipe...
O Henry Bars

2 C Karo Syrup
2 C sugar
1 C peanut butter (creamy or chunky both work great)
6 C rice krispies

1 bag chocolate chips
1 bag butterscotch chips

Boil Karo Syrup and sugar for 2 minutes stirring constantly. Remove from heat and mix in peanut butter until melted. Add rice krispies and mix well. Spread on cookie sheet with raised edges. Let cool completely.

Melt chocolate chips and butterscotch chips together. Spread over cooled krispie mixture. Let chill until frosting solidifies.


Prudy said...

Oh my goodness-FRIGHTENING. I never used to be afraid of bear's in UT until last summer when that poor little boy was killed in American Fork. I'm glad you high tailed it and got your husband.

Those cookies/candy look so good. We made something very similar yesterday that we got off
The only thing missing was butterscotch.

Maria said...

I love living in Utah, it is gorgeous, but I am not a fan of camping:) I am in love with Henry though..ha! These bars look amazing!

CookiePie said...

Those bars look delicious!!! No wonder the bears tried to get some... :)

Jenny said...

Wow, the bears must have sensed these yummy bars. They look incredible and I am dying to make them this weekend! Thanks for sharing!

Dawn said...

I'm with you I love O Henry! I have never seen these bars before, but I will be trying them soon.

hot garlic said...

Wow, that is not my kind of camping, even it if did have toilets! You must have been crazy to go!

These bars look great!

Melissa said...

And you wonder why you aren't loosing any weight. Those bars look sinful. I just might have to try those before I hit the gym again.

Your camping trip sounds like my last couple weeks at home. The kids have been sleeping in our room since we have had guests. I haven't slept well at all.

Peter and Jen Bell said...

Special K cereal works instead of rice krispies for these too. They are amazing, the crunch is just a little bit different.