Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday Food Review: Buitoni

I'm adding a fun new element to my blog! Every Thursday I will do a new food review. I have been getting so many fun things to try in the mail, mostly from being part of the Foodbuzz Tastemasters Program, and am looking forward to sharing them all with you.

Today I'm sharing the Buitoni Mushroom Ravioli. WOW! This ravioli comes fresh in the cheese aisle of your grocery store. The flavor is absolutely fantastic. My neighbor, Steph, from Stephanie's Kitchen, and I both got the package in the mail the same day with this pasta and were discussing what kind of sauce would go well with it. We both agreed on a white sauce, probably alfredo, but then when I was getting ready to cook the pasta, I read on the package that it said the flavor is strong enough that you only need to add a little bit of olive oil to serve with. They were right. Any other sauce would be too much and take away from the intense cheese and mushroom. I will definitely be buying these in the future!

I served the ravioli with some french green beans sauteed in a little bit of olive oil. I gave them a few shots of balsamic vinegar spritzer and added some feta. If I had goat cheese I would have added that, but the feta was really good too. This was a great side and an amazing meal! Definitely add this one to your menu next week!

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Buitoni said...

Hi Becky - the green beans look mouth-watering! And we're so glad you enjoyed the Wild Mushroom Agnolotti. Thanks for the great review!